I had the chance of checking out CHILL for the 3rd straight year.

Here’s a TOUR video of this year’s CHILL event

This year’s CHILL is different from the past 2 years. Everything is now included in the price of admission. Previous years, they would charge you for ice-skating and to do ice tubing. There is no longer a timed-entry ticket. Since there’s no timed-entry be prepared for a lot of people especially on days when CHILL is open from 5pm to 10pm instead of 10am.

No one wants to pay full-priced for admission. So, if you guys want to save money, buy your ticket on goldstar.com or buy it on Groupon/Livingsocial if it’s still available.
If you guys are a Costco member, I recommend buying it from there. For $55, you guys get 2 tickets to the event including an ELF (Express Lane Fast) pass. With the ELF pass, you guys get to cut straight to the front of the line to the Ice Kingdom including front of the line for Ice tubing, and unlimited ride on the Michael Jackson’s swing ride.

Heads up, be prepared to wait in long lines to check out the Ice Kingdom especially on days when CHILL is open at 5pm. Estimated wait time is at least an hour. There’s also a long lines to do ice-tubing.



I would definitely recommend bringing gloves to this event. It’s pretty cold in there at about 7 to 9 degrees. There are plenty of ice sculptures to look at. Guests usually spend at least 10 minutes in there and likely no more than half-hour inside the ice kingdom. The reason for it, it’s freaking cold especially when you don’t have gloves on! We Californian aren’t used to this freezing temperatures. It’s like walking through an art gallery instead of art/painting/sculpture you are looking at beautiful ice sculptures.




As for the food, be prepared to pay theme park price for them. The food that are sold at CHILL event are the type of food you typically find at L.A/O.C County fair.

There are several entertainments that take place throughout the night, so check online to see who will be performing or you can take a look at your guide map.

Overall, I really like this event. I love the winter-liked atmosphere of this event. Where else can you find this type of atmosphere in SoCal beside Disneyland?

By the way, parking is $20. If you guys want to avoid parking fee take the free shuttle in from Downtown Long Beach.