As a theme park and water park fan,

I actually drove 4 hours from Los Angeles to check out the new Cowbunga Bay water park. which is located about 10 miles east of  the Vegas strip in Henderson, NV.





I was a tad disappointed to learn before arriving that they are still in the process of constructing 2 or 3 water slides. I thought they have the whole last year and this year to complete the park. Oh well.

Since the park is still missing 3 main attractions, they decided to lower the price by $6 for adult.

Anyway, we went on a Thursday, a week after it opened. Parking was $5. I was expecting huge crowd like at Wet n Wild, but to my surprise it was no where as crowded as I had thought. Almost all the slides were a walk-on during the early morning into mid-afternoon hours. I overheard one of the lifeguards told the another guest that this was one of the slowest day since it opened a week ago. It may be due to the fact that it was cloudy and looked like it was going to rain.

The longest we waited for a slide was on Zuma ZOOMa. I would have to say this ride is the only extreme water slide in the park. It has a trap door underneath you, that will drop you in 5 seconds once you step in and they close the glass door. It was very thrilling.


Here’s a point of view video I shot of this Zuma ZOOMA trap door body slide:…

Food is a bit pricey since it’s an amusement park. What do you expect? they need to make money somehow since most of the guests are season pass holder, they pay once and get to come back as often as they want. So in order to stay in business, they need to boost up their prices on food.



Overall, I really enjoyed this park! It’s so vivid and colorful. I can’t wait to come back next summer when everything is completed and they have planted more trees and shrubs.

I don’t know why, but I love Cowabunga Bay more than Wet N Wild Las Vegas.

IMG_4335     IMG_4339      IMG_4360

Click the video below for a FULL Tour of Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas: