We got invited to our 1st ever Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm and We LOVE every minute of it! Lots of Delicious Food & Entertainments.
We highly recommend getting the $25 Tasting Card since it allows you to try 6 Amazing food at an affordable price, plus its fulfilling too.
Our 2 favorite tastings were the Boysenberry PIZZA & Buffalo Wings.
The Boysenberry Festival is up and running till April 23rd . Wish they would extend the Festival to a Full month instead of 23 Days.

You will find plenty of boysenberry decorations through out Knott’s Berry Farm especially in and around Ghost Town.

Snoopy Bunny is so CUTE!

Boysenberry Pizza was Amazingly Delicious!

Boysenberry Panna Cotta

Boysenberry MeatBall!

Boysenberry Ravioli was very interesting , but tasted pretty good.

Not a huge fan of fried food, but this Boysenberry Fry Bread tasted great . The Fry bread Filling contains nutella mix with boysenberry.

As a Media, We got to participate in some scavenger hunt to collect some neat boysenberry prizes.



Here’s what we collected after the hunt. Thanks Knotts!

We also got a neat looking boysenberry pins.

Knott’s Boomerang is CLOSING Forever on April 23rd! less than 2 weeks to ride it.