We got invited to check out Knott’s two brand new summer shows: Beach Blanket Beagle and Calico’s Mountain Jamboree and the return of the popular Ghost Town Alive!

Knott’s Berry Farm Entertainment is impressive! There are so much to see and do.

We arrived at 3pm in time to check out the 2nd showing of Beach Blanket Beagle.

Charlie Brown & Lucy meeting guests at the entrance to the show.

“Beach Blanket Beagle is a musical dance party set to the classic beach comber tunes of the 60’s and 70’s, and stars the coolest beagle around, Snoopy!” -Knott’s website.

Here’s the Full Video of the new show.

Beach Blanket Beagle is such a Fantastic new summer show for the whole family. The show is about them trying to raise $10,000 to help save the beach from being close down for a parking lot. The show is close to 40 minutes long. It’s a Perfect place to relax and escape from the summer heat.

We seriously LOVE this show. It’s so good!

An Hawaiian themed stage

Let’s the show begin!

Splashing in the water.

Wow! the fire dancer is pretty darn amazing!

$10,000 is hidden in the Tiki.

Charlie Brown & Lucy meeting guests at the exit of the show.

After the show, we went over to Pony Express to get our TRON fix. Pony Express is similar to the popular TRON coaster over at Shanghai Disneyland.

Ghost Town Alive is back and better than before.

What we love about this experience is that the young and old can all join in the fun with the townsfolk of Calico.

You guys can get an awesome looking Ghost Town Alive T-Shirt, Bandana & Pin for only $16.99. Great Deal!

Guests chatting with the sheriff.

Even the townsfolk are voting.

She is actually looking for a date for tonight’s Hoedown.

Guests are playing cards with the sheriff.

Interesting drawing

Love this barber shop

Guests can learn how to wash clothes like back in the day.


The HangTime MilkShake is delicious! Made with blue soft serve ice cream & sugar cookie. $6.59

Very Tasty!

It’s almost time for Calico’s Mountain Jamboree! “a stunt-filled spectacle featuring the rivalry between the Timber Mountain Loggers and the Calico Miners set to an upbeat soundtrack and comedy galore.” – Knott’s website

Wow! The new Calico’s Mountain Jamboree is freaking Incredible! the performers are outstanding! Really like all the songs selection in this show especially the finale when they played “From now on” from The Greatest Showman. So Good!

Let’s start the show with a bang!

What an Amazing show. A MUST SEE!

You guys can see Disneyland fireworks 7 miles away on Knott’s Sky Cabin ride.

Ended our night with HangTime the 1st & only dive coaster in California with a 15 story vertical drop making it the steepest drop in California. After that the train will go through 5 gravity-defying inversions!

HangTime coaster is seriously 100 times better than its predecessor Boomerang. Very Smooth.

 The lighting package on HangTime is Amazing!

Engine 340 Rio Grande is back and running again.

Thanks for having us Knott’s Berry Farm. We had an Amazing time.

***Make sure to go and experience Ghost Town Alive and see these two amazing shows this summer. You can purchase ticket HERE for as LOW as $46 Online***