We got invited to check out the return of Knott’s popular Ghost Town Alive and Summer nights.

We arrived at the park around 3pm Saturday.

Time to go in!

Huge Chair promoting Knott’s Summer Nights

We are ready to join in on the fun at Ghost Town Alive!

What we love about this interactive experience is that the everyone can all join in the fun with the townsfolk of Calico.

Awesome Ghost Town Alive souvenirs

Time to eat!

Knott’s Summer Night Tasting Card. You get to try 6 items for $50. Season Passholder is $45

First up: Shrimp spring roll, Crab slider and Caprese Tortellini Salad. They were all good

Next we had Cowboy stew with kielbasa, Korean Bbq burger, Waffle Chicken, Bratwurst and Caesar Salad. We enjoyed all the items except the waffle chicken. It was pretty dry

Wow! The loaded potato with blanco queso and hatch chilis was delicious!

Boysenberry Dipping dots!

Hiatus Band

They were good!

New this year is DJ Lance Rock “Everybody Dance!” Kids will love him.

He’s popular!

Current progress on the new quick service restaurant

Since TRON coaster is taking forever to open at Magic Kingdom, you can ride it right now Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s the same thing.

You can catch DJ pumping music throughout the night

Thanks for having us Knott’s Berry Farm. We had an Amazing time.

***Make sure to go and experience Ghost Town Alive and Summer Nights. You can purchase ticket HERE for as LOW as $69 Online***