We got invited to check out Knott’s Merry Farm on opening night. Wow! this place is truly festive. The amount of Christmas offerings are phenomenal. There are more holiday decorations  throughout the park than in years past.

Knott’s Merry Farm is definitely one of the most affordable Southern California theme parks to visit during the holiday season. That’s why we recommend Celebrating the Holidays at Knott’s Merry Farm. The event runs now until January 6, 2018. You can purchase your ticket here for as low as $50.

Due to work, we arrived at the park a tad late at 6pm and missed some of the great holiday shows like Merry Christmas Snoopy Ice Skating, Peanuts guide to Christmas, and the Holiday version of the Calico Saloon show. Don’t worry we will be back at Knott’s sometime in the next week to check out all the Holiday shows we missed.

Time to check in

Ghost Town is so pretty during the Holiday.

Bird Cage Theater hosted A Christmas Carol and O. Henry’s A Gift of the Magi on select nights.

It would be great if they keep the stable open in the evening during the holiday.

Sweet treats

Yummy! Calico Fudge Bites

Christmas Tree cookie

Love these Santa Gift Bags.

Here’s what we got in the secret grab bag. Not bad for $5.

The kids will love these secret Santa gift bag. You never know what you might get.

Carolers performing on top of Calico Saloon balcony right before the tree lighting. They were pretty darn good.

There was a special tree lighting ceremony in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club in Orange County. Knott’s invited out 15 chapters of the Boys and Girls Club Orange County to enjoy the very first tree lighting ceremony of the season.

Santa arriving by train. Choo Choo!

There’s something special inside the present.

The magical glowing ornament that will light the Christmas tree.

The children then placed the glowing ornament on the tree and the tree is lit!

Everyone smiling for the camera.

Snow and Glow takes place on Ghost Town Main Street and School house road.

Wow! that’s a lot of snow for Southern California.

We actually got goosebumps listening to the Christmas song and seeing the snow falling.

Wood carving

He is carving a cute bear.

They are so cute!

Time to check out the holiday food offerings

Oh my goodness, the desserts look amazingly delicious.

Here are some the delicious holiday food you can get around the park this holiday season.

Holiday Turkey Pizza

Holiday Egg Roll

Peppermint cheesecake, Yule Log and Holiday crepe.


The Holiday Turkey Sandwich looks so good. Kinda reminds us of the popular Holiday turkey sandwich at Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney.


Lets try some food.

The tamale, turkey dinner bites and Holiday egg roll were very delicious. Highly recommend trying them this holiday season. As for the Holiday pizza, we thought it was okay.

So good! especially the snowman sugar cookie.

Some of the Holiday merchandises you can get around the park.

You can also get a Knott’s Merry Farm T-Shirt & Collector Pin for only $12.99. That’s a great value!

So many Knott’s Merry Farm T-shirts

“It’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown” is a Fantastic Christmas show for the whole family. A must see evening show!

Santa Snoopy

Since we arrived late, we missed out on the Merry Christmas Snoopy ice skating show, but we will be back next week to see it and post all the photos and videos from the show on here.

Here are some photos from the show: courtesy of Knott’s Berry Farm.

Hopefully next year Knott’s will bring back their popular Christmas Parade.

Neat! Photo op.

Love this new frozen fountain.

It’s so beautiful to see the fountain at night.

Feliz Navidad from the Fiesta Village.

Christmas trees in front of Jaguar!

HangTime Holiday lighting looks splendid at night.

There even an awesome holiday light show on HangTime coaster. Click on the link for the video we posted on twitter.


Even the Boardwalk gift shop is decked out for the holiday.

There are now even more holiday decorations expanding to the boardwalk area like these Christmas trees on the lake of Boardwalk.

Lots of new holiday decoration around the park.

Pretty! Huge Christmas lights above the Coasters Diner restaurant

Sadly, the lights were not working on these Christmas trees.

Even the small decorations goes a long way.


Another best thing about Knott’s Merry Farm is the Christmas Crafts Village.  There are more than a dozen local artisans selling their unique gifts throughout Ghost Town.

Here you can meet Santa at his Santa’s Christmas Cabin located near the Mystery’s Lodge attraction.

The glazed cinnamon almond is the best. So sweet and tasty.

Warm cookie and milk for only $3.50 not bad at all.


Super Excited! Big Foot Rapids will transforms to Calico River Rapids next summer 2019.

After going on Shanghai Disneyland Roaring Rapid at least a half dozen times and seeing the scary crocodile animatronic,  we are pretty excited to see what Knott’s will bring to the table. maybe a animatronic big foot inside a cave?

 A new expedition in an uncharted territory awaits eager explorers with the upcoming debut of Calico River Rapids, opening at Knott’s Berry Farm in summer 2019.  Knott’s popular Bigfoot Rapids white water raft ride will undergo a major renovation with the addition of new features to the attraction including new animatronics, themed show scenes, a new story overlay and plenty of dynamic water effects. The arrival of Calico River Rapids is one of the many exciting experiences that Knott’s guests can enjoy in 2019

Thanks Knott’s for having us. It was a magical winter event. Make sure to check them out this holiday season.

The event runs now until January 6, 2018. You can purchase your ticket here for as low as $50.