For those who have never been on a Carnival Cruise line, here’s a full video tour I shot when I was on Carnival Sensation:

I recently went on a four day cruise to Nassau and FreePort via Carnival Sensation. We parked our car at Park and Cruise about 2 miles from Port Canaveral for a fee of 5.99 per day. It was cheap to park there than parking at the port for 15 bucks per day. I had no problem checking in the car.

There’s a lot of things to do on board like playing at the Casino, golf, clubbing, swimming, and especially eating.

There are two water-slides at the back of the ship and one big swimming pool at the center of the ship.




As far as the food goes, I would definitely say it was delicious. They serve different food daily.

All I have to say is that you guys will be eating a lot of food. I believed I gained 5 pounds once I got home.

As for dinner dining, you will be sitting with the same group of people for the rest of the four nights you are there. but if you have the “Anytime Dining” you don’t need to sit with another group, you can just sit with your family or your partner. You can order as much appetizer, entrees, and Deseret as you want. You are not limited to just one. It would take between one and a half and two hours to get all your meal and finish eating them. My favorite dinner night was on elegant night when we had lobster.


I have been looking all over YouTube for HD video of the type of food they serve, but I can’t seem to find any good footage, so when I went on Carnival Paradise in Long Beach last year, and Carnival Sensation over in Port Canaveral, I managed to record all the Dinner food we got and also a tour of the Lido Deck buffet.

There’s even a mini taste bar where they serve different sample every other day:



Oh Yea. You can away bring food back to your room.


By the way, the food you see in the video will be almost the same type of food you will get on all of Carnival Fantasy Class – meaning cruise such as Paradise, Sensation, Elation, Ecstasy, and Imagination, but of course there’s minor adjustment to the food.

Heads Up! When dining in the main dining room in the evening hours, be expected to sit up to 2.5 hours waiting and eating all 3 courses – Appetizer, Entree, and dessert.
Remember, don’t be SHY when you sit with other guests on the table, you can order as many entrees as you like in the Main Dining room.