We got invited to attend Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Media Night this past Friday and it was so Frightfully Fun!

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is one of the most affordable haunts in Southern California starting as low as $20.  if you buy it HERE online. Make sure to check them out this season.

 There are 6 mazes at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor this year. All have been revamped. Our favorite are the 3 mazes on board the ship. B340, Feast, and Lullaby. Some will make you crawl on your hands & knees. They are all very long mazes too.

 Here’s our maze rankings for this year’s Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor:

1.  The Feast 2. B340 3. Lullaby 4. Circus 5. Intrepid 6. Deadrise

Entrance into Queen Mary’s Dark harbor

Loren Grey. Instagram celebrity with 14 million followers!

Some more celebrities.

Getting the crowd hype up.

The crowds are growing as we get closer to 7pm opening. As a media we used to get an hour early access to the mazes before the general. Somehow this year, all the celebrities and media had to wait until 7pm to enter the event.

Free drinks and rides tickets.

The Ringmaster and Captain is getting ready to open the doors to HELL.

Now Open!

Graceful Gale

Lots of entertainments this year.

Circus is still a great maze. Toward the center of the maze they made us choose which rooms to enter. we highly recommend going to the left. That will take you into the ball pit. If you choose to go to the right you will just go through a pitch flat inflatable walls.

The story behind Circus: “It’s the night before a dust-covered, rickety old circus opens to the public. Sneak beyond the curtains to unveil the horrors lurking within the shadows of the big top. Hosting a menagerie of monsters and sinister creatures, the one and only Ringmaster returns with unadulterated and unbelievable horrors for all who step inside Circus!” – Queen Mary’s website.

You actually have to walk through a ball pit.

Foam at the end of the maze.

Feast is our #1 Maze. It was so Frighteningly Fun!

Come early! The lines for Feast will get extremely long.

The Chef!

They made us crawl on our hands and knees.

One of the room smells very stink!

B340 is a Fantastic maze.

The story behind B340 “A series of inhuman crimes tormented the Queen Mary passengers during a routine cross-Atlantic voyage in October of 1948. Follow the lead detective on the scene as he uncovers the evil truth behind one of the most notorious criminals to ever invade the luxury liner: Samuel the Savage. The investigation follows a sinister journey filled with terrifying twists and turns that point to the most infamous stateroom on the ship: B340.” Queen Mary website

It’s Total Darkness until the monster turned on their flashlight for a split second and scare you.

They made us crawl on our hands and knees.

Intrepid Still a good maze. Love it. In one part of the maze it feels like you are actually on a moving train in the beginning of the maze.

The story behind Intrepid: “All Aboard! The Ghost Train Waits…A phantom coach forces the Queen Mary’s original ship builder to relive his wicked wrongdoings to shipyard mates, Scottish brethren and plagued family that led to the Iron Hell his soul rots away in. Follow the spine-chilling path to an evil sea witch where a deadly pact was made spawning the horrific half-metal, half-creature known as the Iron Master.” – Queen Mary’s website

New Scene in Intrepid.

Pretty cool! Beware monsters lurking under the green fog/swamp.


Dead Rise is an okay maze for us. Lots of fire though.

The story behind Dead Ride: “Grey Ghost rises once again, set out on its annual ghastly voyage damned to its eternal battle on the living. With the fearless captain at the helm, guests will walk among the rusted carcass of the Grey Ghost as its full steam ahead into the flames of war. Those unfortunate enough to be caught in the ships warpath may either salute the captain or like an anchor, sink to the depths of the watery tombs.” – Queen Mary website

Very busy! at least 2 hours wait for the mazes inside the ship. Avoid coming on Friday and Saturday, unless you get the express pass.

Lullaby maze is still very spooky fun! It can get very hot in there. Unfortunately, we can’t access to the pool anymore.

The story behind Lullaby “It has been long rumored that Mary, the little girl who drowned in the Queen Mary First Class Swimming Pool in 1952, has haunted the dark corners of the luxury liner since her untimely demise. Many experts theorize the haunting derives from Mary’s spirit attaching itself to the little girl’s stuffed toy bear. Perhaps the bear holds the gloomy secrets behind the wicked ghost of Scary Mary and why she still sings her eternal Lullaby.” – Queen Mary website

Panic 4-D Experience was really fun. You will get poke in the back a lot.

Highly recommend spending $5 on this 4-D show than riding the Swing ride.

Sinister Swings from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. They are not free. $5 for one ride.

The food are a bit pricey.

Thanks for having us, Queen Mary. We had a Frightfully Fun time.

You can guys can buy your tickets at Costco. 2 tickets with 2 Fast Fright (Express Lane) for $80. It’s pretty good deal than buying online.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is one of the most affordable haunts in Southern California starting as low as $20.  if you buy it HERE online. Make sure to check them out this season.