We recently got invited to attend Sea World San Diego BIGGEST Attraction launch in the history of the park.

Ocean Explorer will immerse families in an underwater world of deep-sea discovery. This extraordinary new attraction will combine multiple aquariums, exciting rides and digital technologies designed to engage park guests in an experience centered on exploration and adventure.

Here’s A look at the New Submarine Quest ride and Ocean Explorer land at SeaWorld San Diego.

(Seaworld’s Ocean Explorer ride vehicle looks very similar to Tokyo DisneySea Journey to the Center of Earth ride vehicle.)

Submarine Quest, the attraction’s signature ride, is an interactive adventure intended to encourage guests to explore and act to protect wildlife in the future.  This three-minute digitally-enhanced experience boasts the world’s first use of “smart play” technology enabling riders to guide their mission of oceanic exploration.

Climbing out of their specially designed exploration mini subs, guests will then roam one-of-a-kind aquariums, some featuring 360-degree viewing experiences enabling younger guests to enter a splendid saltwater world without getting wet while being awed by many of the mightiest marine animals on earth.  Among those are the rarely seen giant Japanese spider crab, the world largest arthropod; dozens of slithering eels lurking in the shadows; and imposing giant Pacific octopuses spying with black sapphire eyes from their rock-encrusted caves.

The new Orca Encounter presentation is a great show and learning experience!

It represents an important evolution of how SeaWorld guests will experience killer whales. Presented in a documentary-style format featuring a three-story, first-of-its-kind infinity screen, Orca Encounter features state-of-the-art integration of verbal and visual storytelling.



The new infinity screen for Orca Encounter is gorgeous!


Thank You Sea World San Diego for having us out.