“ASICS created a dramatic first-of-its-kind moment on Friday, March 13, the eve of Marathon weekend, lighting up LA’s night sky with a series of high-powered spotlights marking every mile along the Stadium to Sea course from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica.  The spotlight installation will include 124 spotlights, which is the largest known marathon course lighting activation ever, and were visible from high vantage points all around the city.”

As for me, I had a spectacular time on top of Griffith Observatory taking plenty of photos of all the spotlights that lit up L.A on March 13, 2015.

Here are some photos I took that day:

 Plenty of photographers waiting with their camera gear ready to take the shot

Griffith (1)

 First batch of spotlights being turned on

Griffith (9)

Looking out toward Santa Monica

Griffith (4)

It kind of reminds me of the movie Skyline, where people are being abducted by aliens

Griffith (5)

So Beautiful!

Griffith (8)

Griffith (10)

Just Wow!

Griffith (12)

Griffith (13)

Griffith (14)

Griffith (15)

One final shot of the spotlights before they were turned off at around 10:30 or so


Griffith (16)