There are now two new streetmosphere shows being performed in Universal Plaza at Universal Studios Hollywood.

These two new 5-minute streetmosphere shows are “Furious Beat” and “Pit Stop Dance Crew”

Before being transformed into a Furious Beat, they used to be known as Tap Worx dancers and would perform next to next to Shrek 4D entrance.




Both shows are quite entertaining and very fun to watch. They usually perform every hour. For example, Furious Beat may perform first at 10am and Pit Stop at 10:30am. From there on it is every hour.

Pit Stop Dance Crew looks fantastic. It even draws huge crowd each time they perform. It feels and looks like I’m watching a Laker girls dance routine because of their purple outfit.





Heads up, they will randomly choose a guy out from the crowd, so if you are shy, you wouldn’t want to stand where in front where they can see you. If you are chosen, you will get a neat sunglasses for your participation.





Here’s a video of Pit Stop Dance Crew performance:

Here’s a look at Furious Beat Streetmosphere show: