We were invited to check out the first ever Winter Fest at the O.C Fairground this past month.

First thing that greeted us when we passed through the gate is the World’s largest illuminated ornament. It’s huge! You can even walk through it.

winter (2)

Before heading to grab some appetizers to eat, we decided to stop by and watch the first Christmas tree lighting in front of the Hanger. People were gathering around the tree waiting for the big countdown.

winter (4)

And then came the countdown, and boomed the Christmas Tree was lit in colorful lights. With the tree lit, snow started falling, and they surprised everyone there with a special one of a kind mini Fireworks show. We didn’t expect a fireworks at all. So that was a nice treat.

winter (5)

winter (7)

 winter (8)

winter (6)

As an invited guests we were treated to some wonderful appetizers.

winter (12)

winter (10)

After eating for a bit, we headed over to do some ice tubing.

Every guest that visits Winter Fest can take part in unlimited ice tubing down a 130-foot, six-lane ice slide

winter (20)

From the bottom looking up, it didn’t look like it was going really fast. Boy was I wrong. It went really fast. Look can be deceiving.

We was a lot of fun sliding down multiple times.

winter (19)

We then headed into one of the buildings. In there, you can see  some awesome miniature trains sets. You can also control how fast some of train go using one of the controllers.

winter (15)

winter (16)

On the way out, we saw some strolling carolers.

winter (21)

Ice Skating took place inside the Hanger

winter (28)

They even projected some holiday classics onto a giant screen. The only downside, there was no audio from the clips they were showing.

winter (29)

As we were walking to the Carnival rides and games, we came across two reindeers that were just chilling and people-watching.

winter (26)

winter (22)

The entrance into Candy Cane Carnival. Each paid admission into Winter Fest gets you one free ride and one free game play.

winter (23)

winter (24)

A view of the Carnival from high above the Ferris wheel

winter (25)

Overall this was a fun place to bring the family for the holiday.


In our opinion, the price is a bit expensive $30 for unlimited ice tubing and (1) Carnival Ride & (1) game of your choices.

What we think they should do for next year is keep the price the same -$30 and allow guest unlimited use of rides and ice skating or they can allow free admission to Winter Fest and charge separately for each attraction.