We recently got invited to Six Flags Magic Mountain for their Media Grand Opening of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. We are very happy to see that after 46 Years the park finally has a Dark Ride, an interactive dark ride to be exact. It definitely exceeded our Expectation!

Check out the Spectacular Fireworks Grand Opening Ceremony Video below


Loved the New Metropolis Plaza. Looks way better than before.

They really went all out for guests at the event.

We got to sample some of the New Food offerings. They were all Delicious! Our favorite was the Fish and Chips.

Another must try item was the NEW Pulled Pork Chicharrón Nachos. It was quite crunchy and tasty.  The BBQ ribs were very juicy as well not dry at all.

The Metro Park also look nice!  It’s a perfect place to relax and grab a drink.

New stage.

The Grand Opening Ceremony was Spectacular! There were lots of fireworks. We didn’t expect them to put on a full  on fireworks show, boy was we wrong. It went on for nearly 10 minutes. It’s probably the best grand opening ceremony Six Flags has ever put on to this day.

Check out the video below.


We rode the Justice League ride 3 times. It was equally impressive all 3 times. All we have to say is Wow! What an incredible ride. Definitely a Disney quality ride!

Now let take a look inside. Pretty nice to see a talking animatronic in the second queue holding room

The ride even offers Single Rider.

Ride Vehicle looks similar to Transformers/Spider man the Ride over at Universal Parks.

Even though, there are several Justice League rides at other Six Flags throughout the States, you will only find Harley Quinn Animatronic at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Make sure to check it out! It’s awesome interactive dark ride.


 Thanks for having us! Six Flags Magic Mountain