Last week we got invited to check out SeaWorld San Diego’s Newest Dive Coaster called “Emperor”

The New Emperor Dive Coaster at SeaWorld San Diego was pretty fun! It’s the tallest, fastest, & longest dive coaster in California. 143 foot vertical drop at 60mph w/ 3 inversions. Awesome view of San Diego from the top too.

The new Emperor dive coaster will open on Saturday, March 12th. Pass members will get to preview the ride starting March 2nd for Platinum, March 4-6 Gold, March 7-9 Silver & March 10-11 Bronze & SoCal members.

The Emperor sign looks great!

143 foot vertical drop at 60mph

Very fun ride! but short.

Very weird not see any roof/shade over the station. Hopefully they will build one in the future.

Going up!

Some fun facts about penguins in the queue

Fun facts about Emperor near the entrance of the park

Sesame Place San Diego New Theme Park Opening March 26th! Located 24 miles south SeaWorld.

Tidal Twister was testing during our visit. Hopefully this ride will finally open to guests soon

Electric Eel

Can’t believe this used to be a submarine ride here. The submarine ride last less than a year!

Love to

this Dolphins show

Ended our day with a relaxing ride on the Bayside Skyride

Thanks SeaWorld for having us.

 Need something fun to do during Spring Break? Give SeaWorld San Diego a try.  You can buy your ticket here: here