Temecula Terror a brand New Halloween Event coming to the Inland Empire on October 1st.

This October the Inland Empire is offering a hauntingly-good time with the all-new, hair-raising, horrifying haunt: Temecula Terror. Open for 19-days, October 1- 31, Temecula Terror is pleased to announce its line-up of terrifying mazes, scare zones, bars, and more for the first-year event in the wild, shadowing hills of the Temecula Valley Wine Country at Galway Downs. Tickets start at $20 USD for adults and are on sale today at www.temeculaterror.com.

Dubbed an Indie-Style Haunt, Temecula Terror invites thrill-seekers to visit a creepy, small town, off a back road in the Temecula Valley, and step into a Halloween Harvest Carnival… with a sinister intention. Thrill seekers can test their fears in The Crypt where brave guests will lurk through a graveyard scene and venture beyond the shadows, deep into the damp twists and turns of the forgotten catacombs. Lit only by the stars in the sky and the outside event’s carnival lights, visitors are certain to lose their way in the darkness and experience a brush with a tormented and beckoning afterlife

Already attracting interest on social media with #HydeOrDie, 301 Hyde Street is anticipated to be a fan favorite for the all-new haunt. Home to fictional notorious social pariah Otis Hatcher, 301 Hyde Street invites haunt lovers to knock on the “haunted house” door this Halloween season for a twisted, dark, game as visitors try to find their way to escape (or should we say hide) in the maze. Seeking twisted revenge on Temecula Terror’s small town enthralled with a new Halloween attraction, Otis will unleash the darkest corners of his mind, luring in trick-or-treaters for a deadly game of cat-and-mouse…Can you make it out alive?

Tiptoe into Butterfield Asylum, a maze named after the real-life Butterfield Stage Trail that runs through Temecula. History claims that in the mid-1800s Temecula hosted a mail stop on the national Butterfield Stage route, bringing messages from home to the brave pioneers forging life in the California wilderness, while prisoners and convicts forged the railroad that would eventually replace the Butterfield Stage route. Temecula Terror is bringing to life the dark side of Temecula history with frights from the “outcasts” of society who have endured hard labor from sun-up to sun-down. At Butterfield Asylum, the victims’ bodies aren’t the only sufferers of the sun’s tireless gaze, but their minds were too lost, eaten away by the excruciating heat, leaving nothing but their most primal deviant inclinations behind for ticket holders to dare to survive.

In addition to the trio of mazes, a fog-filled scare zone will entice ticket holders with the sounds of chainsaws echoing through the secluded wine country valley as creepy carnival clowns await and hide within the depths of the dark hazy shadows. Have youngsters and kiddos who also love a good ‘ween scene? Inclusive of haunt-lovers of all ages, Temecula Terror offers Family Frights starting at 5 p.m. with kid-friendly fare, before the real scares begin at 7 p.m.

Bringing to life the biggest “haunt” Temecula has ever seen this spooky season, Temecula Terror tickets are on sale today and start at just $20 per adult (12+ years) and $10 for children (Family Fright). Local event production companies Bloodshed Brothers and Clever Coven have banded together to create the first-year haunt with an emphasis on involving local companies, brands, and stories from the heart of Temecula Valley. Visit www.TemeculaTerror.com for more information, to purchase tickets and to stay up to date on Temecula Terror announcements, sales, and more.